Introducing Monstera Enamel Pins!

I am in love with bright green foliage, and interesting and dynamic plants. In this past month alone, I have acquired a Marimo Moss Ball, my very first terrarium, and a Philodendron Cordatum. My plant collection is growing quickly, and I couldn’t be happier. Here is a photo of my old desk turned plant table that was recently featured on the Urban Jungle Bloggers Instagram account.

Inspired by one of the most recent plants to join my plant family, a Monstera Deliciosa. I am so very excited to share with you my latest product, enamel pins! These beautiful hard enamel, Cloisonné pins feature original artwork, and are they are the perfect gift for any plant lover.

They come on a fully illustrated card, all designed in house, and I hope that you love them.

Now you can bring your love of plants with you wherever you go. They are a wonderful addition to any lapel, hat, bag, or outfit. Whether you are just starting a pin collection, or are looking to add one more.

These pins come in either a luscious Tea Green, or dreamy Amaranth Pink.

Shop these pins in the shop today!