Sensitive Plants Kit (Mimosa pudica)

Sensitive Plants Kit (Mimosa pudica)


The Sensitive Plant, also known as the "Touch Me Not" plant when touched, the leaves of this beautiful and interesting plant will fold inward and droop, in an attempt to protect themselves from danger.

This Kit comes with everything you need to plant these fascinating plants, including its own germination greenhouse! Just add water.


  • INCLUDES: a clear plastic "greenhouse" for seed germination, a plastic planter, expanded clay pellets (to control moisture and irrigation), a soil pellet, seed packets, and detailed instructions
  • Grows both indoors and outdoors. Loves light, and hates the cold.
  • In the summer it grows a bright pink ball of a flower.
  • Photos and assembly by JPANTS. Made in Portland.

I am unfortunately unable to ship the Sensitive Plants Kit Internationally due to Customs.

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