Wool Pin Display Pennant • Forest Green

Wool Pin Display Pennant • Forest Green


Are you looking for a beautiful, minimalist way to hold and display your growing enamel pin collection? Then this lovely, handmade pennant is the banner for you. This pennant is handmade in the HEMLEVA studio with 100% merino wool, a solid Oak dowel, and suspended by an incredibly strong silk cord.

Only the Forest Green Pennant is currently available for sale. The Gray Pennant photos are to help you visualize what the pennant would look like with more pins. The Gray Pennants is the same size as the Forest Green Pennant which is pictured with 16 enamel pins. There is definitely room for more though! Depending on the size of your pins, this pennant can hold between 20-40 enamel pins.

The merino wool is a biodegradable and renewable material, is naturally moisture and stain resistant. The wool that I use is also LEED® certification as MR Credit 6.0 Rapidly Renewable Resource as the sheep's wool is harvested in a sustainable manner.

LIMITED EDITION • Only 16 Large and 4 Small are available in this material and Forest Green colorway at this time. There are two sizes available.

SMALL • 6” wide x 6” tall
LARGE • 8” wide x 8” tall

All pennants will includes 1 Brass Plated Nail.


NOTE • Pins pictured here are sold separately, to show the scale of the pennant, and can be added to your order.

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