The Tillandsia Funckiana is a wild and winding air plant. The needle-like leaves that wind up and down this plant resemble that of a pine tree, yet is very soft to the touch.

It has a gentle, muted light green coloring that is the perfect accent to any setting or color scheme. It will eventually develop lovely light blush pink tips as well.

When in bloom, it will spike and flower, and will produce a beautiful and vibrant orange-red coloring. Which is a rarer color for air plants.

The Tillandsia Funckiana does not require any soakings, and prefers to be misted 2-3 times a week. As for light and air, it does very well in indirect sunlight and prefers a bit of air circulation. It is also a hardier plant, which is very good for novice plant owners.

Approximate Measurements: W: 1" x H: 3"

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Please note: Since the Air Plants are living plants, they may vary slightly from those pictured. It is also natural to have minor leaf imperfections as well as to vary in size.

I am unfortunately unable to ship Air Plants Internationally due to Customs.

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