Tillandsia Fertilizer • 4 Year Supply

Tillandsia Fertilizer • 4 Year Supply


Are you hoping to encourage your Tillandsia to grow, to change colors or to produce (air plant babies called) pups? Then this is the perfect addition for your air plant routine!

Each jar contains a 4 year supply of Tillandsia Fertilizer.

  • 17-8-22

  • 1 oz. Reusable Jar

Adding a fertilizer to your Air Plant Care program is an excellent way to encourage growth, color change, and pupping. Would you like to watch a slideshow of how to use it? Then click here.

The best way to use the fertilizer is to dilute 1/4 tsp of the fertilizer into 1 gallon of water and to soak your air plants in the water as you normally would.

For smaller Tillandsia varieties like the Tillandsia Juncifolia, Ionantha, Bulbosa, and Caput Medusae that you would typically only mist, you can also soak them which is when you would apply fertilizer. The only thing to be aware of is that the smaller, xeric varieties tend to rot easier, especially if they have overlapping leaves like with the Bulbosa and Caput Medusae. Simply invert the plant post soaking, give it a good shake to release any trapped water, and let your plant dry upside down for a few hours.

I recommend fertilizing only once a month in the summer to avoid stressing out your Tillandsia.

There are some Tillandsia Fertilizers on the market that are applied through a spray bottle. I do not recommend them for a variety of reason. If you do decide to go that route I would do so with extreme caution.

I am unfortunately unable to ship Fertilizer Internationally due to Customs.

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