Brass Plant Mister

Brass Plant Mister


This glittering beauty is the perfect mister for your plants. It is made of 100% Brass. These have been hand made in England since 1886.

This stunning mister features a push-plunge pump, which easily and smoothly delivers the most beautiful ultra-fine mist. It is reminiscent of the fine mist of a tropical climate. This creates the perfect humid environment for plants. Most misters over-saturate plants, resulting in pooling or sitting water which can lead to mold. This mister, on the other hand was actually made for delicate orchids, air plants, ferns and other tropical and humidity-loving flora.

The natural brass will develop an incredibly beautiful patina over time, but can be polished to its original shine.

This is the perfect addition to any foliage filled home or office, as well as a great gift for both plant aficionados and novices.

That mist also feels a-ma-zing on your face on hot days!

Holds | 10 oz of water

Size | 6 x 3.5"

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