A little about me.

Samantha Leung of Handmade Sam*Made

Hello! My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam.

This all began when my Mom and my Grandmother showed me how to crochet at the age of four.

  • I had my first tool kit at five.
  • I was wood burning at age six (which in hindsight might not have been the safest thing).
  • I was soldering metals at eight. (Also, not very safe...)
  • I was screen-printing at eleven.
  • I was oil painting at twelve.
  • I was developing my own film at fourteen
  • I was hand pouring candles at fifteen.
  • A few friends and I had our own costuming business at sixteen. We were hand-making scarves, bespoke custom costume orders, and cotton and silk ties after school.
  • I was hand sewing stuffed animals for friends at twenty.
  • I taught myself how to knit at twenty-seven.
  • I learned how to throw pottery, pour ceramics, and slip pour at twenty-eight.

In college I gobbled up classes, like Leslie Knope to waffles. Whether they were art, law, politics, sociology, or psychology. I was writing summations, printmaking, and debating with the best of them. I was active in at least ten different campus organizations at any one time, all the while working and serving as Art Director for the campus satirical magazine: DUIN.

After taking a year after graduating from Drake University to teach English and American culture in Northern China, I decided that going to Law School was not the path for me.

I have always believed that in order to truly understand a craft, you must not only learn the details - the materials, the inspiration, but also the history and the process of making. It is only then that you can truly appreciate the beauty of the object that you are holding. My goal is to continue to learn, and to explore new mediums and cultures.